16″ Weasley Hand Carved Mahoe Wood Magic Wand Wizard Witch Wicca


16″ Weasley Hand Carved Mahoe Wood Magic Wand Wizard Witch Wicca w/Velvet Bag
Each wand is individually hand turned, carved, and finished by hand from a single piece of reclaimed wood using a manual wood lathe and carving knives. Finished with natural beeswax, this wand can be custom finished in your favorite colors to make it completely your own.

This listing is for a hand carved mahoe wood magic wand with a tapered square shaft that is inspired by the wand of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movie series. The wand measures 16 1/8 inches in over all length with the shaft measuring 12 3/8 inches, a 3 3/4 inch bulb handle with an approximate 1 inch diameter at the widest point on the base, and the wand includes a velvet cloth storage bag. The wand is finished with a natural beeswax finish or it can be finished in your favorite colors to make it completely your own.

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Why buy an expensive plastic or resin replica that will break or crack if you handle it or a cheap knock off that will just fall apart? This wand is carved from a single piece of solid hardwood and hand finished in exacting detail. No plastic, resin, or silicone is ever used in making my wands!

Wand Properties:

Mahoe Wood
Wood Origin: Southern Florida and the Caribbean
Gender Association: Masculine and Feminine
Planetary Association: Venus
Elemental Association: Spirit, Water
Magical properties: This wood has incredibly diverse energy, allowing it to be an all-purpose wood for magickal workings. While containing almost entirely masculine energy, it is also influenced by the power of Venus, bringing a softer, intuitive, feminine energy as well. Spiritual energy is strongest within this wood, followed by the power of water. Water and spirit combined make this wood excellent for any working dealing with change, acts of will, evocation, healing, and banishment rituals.

Please Note: All of my wood magic wands are hand turned, carved, and finished. Each wand is carefully crafted to enhance the appeal of the natural wood grain and to maintain the balance of the wands energy.
This listing is for a single hand turned, carved, and finished wand, and each wand has it’s own unique appearance. This listing includes a single wand, a velvet cloth storage bag to protect the wand from dust, dirt, and any unwanted energies, a scroll with your wands properties, and the shipping tube can be used for durable long term storage. Stands, display and storage boxes, and leather holsters are sold separately.
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